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-About Me-

A Little Background

Hi! I’m Mick Bassett, a brand & marketing guy currently living in Detroit, MI. I grew up around Detroit & spent several years living “up north” in Traverse City, MI. 

If it looks like I’m living the dream, it’s because I feel like I am! I have a beautiful wife named Sarah, a perfect little 1-year-old daughter named Nico, a golden-retriever named Otis, & a cat named Jasper. I attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, & spent my formative years in various creative & athletic pursuits. 

I didn’t initially pursue marketing as a profession, rather, I think it chose me. It ended being the perfect amalgamation of all of my interests — allowing me to express the full range of skills & talents I had acquired through a diverse range of hobbies & pursuits. 

Check out my -About Me- page for the whole story of how I got here & where I’m going next!.

About this Website

Nothing gets me motivated like contributing to the success of a team with difference-making marketing efforts. I’ve been fortunate in the last 10+ years to work with a diverse group of businesses & brands, so I put this website together to showcase that work. My hope is that it will help me connect & team up with people for ambitious projects, products, & organizations. 

I created an initial set of blog posts to describe in more detail my approach, values, & thoughts on important marketing topics. I plan to continue to build this out, with the hopes that it will evolve into a useful repository of information.

Feel free to contact me & thanks for taking a look!

-My Focus-

Let’s get right into it! Here’s some of what I bring to the table & where my capabilities have the greatest impact. 

Visionary Marketing Leadership

There is no one size fits all approach to marketing. Each business is different & unique. I excel at learning & understanding the core competencies of a business, identifying optimal markets & opportunities to pursue, then developing & executing plans to establish & grow a market presence. I believe in going BIG, but being smart about how it’s done. It takes visionary leadership to execute on big ideas — & that’s what I do best. 

Performance Marketing Systems

I have experience with dozens of companies across a wide range of diverse industries, & as a result, have seen the good, the bad, & the ugly of how companies & marketing teams function — both in corporate & startup environments. This has allowed me to take what works, sterr clear of what doesn’t, & develop tried-&-true systems that are proven to deliver difference making results for any type of business.

Brand Building 

A brand isn’t just the visual identity of a business. It’s the culmination of everything it is inside & out. How it interacts with the world. It can either multiply the value of a business & guarantee its health & resiliency for the long-haul — or it can put a hard cap on what a business is able to achieve. Businesses should be proactive about developing brands that are true to their culture, cause, ambitions, & capabilities — then look & act the part as well. Getting there is always harder than it looks — that’s where I come in. 

Organization & Team Development

Not only is right to treat people well, but the business case for doing so is incredibly strong as well. A team that is motivated, interested, & inspired about the work they’re doing will outperform a more talented team that isn’t every time. Getting to this level starts with clarity about the organization, its goals, & the expectations of each member of the team. When each person buys in to the process & contributes their maximum potential — there’s no limit on what can be achieved. Creating & shaping this environment is paramount, & an aspect of business I’m particularly passionate about. 

Strategic Planning & Analysis

Evaluating & understanding where & how to invest precious resources is critical to marketing & overall business success. It’s especially important that executive leadership is setting smart business objectives for an organization. Knowing where to focus effort and what direction to move in is half the battle for delivering results. I’ve developed effective, efficient processes for making these kinds of decisions & am confident making them. 

Tactical Execution

Strategy and planning are crucial, but as Mike Tyson eloquently taught us, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” 

Executing successful marketing campaigns is kind of like that. It is important to do the research and planning up front, but getting results means flexibility to move and improvise as circumstances change. At the end of the day, all that matters is the results – and I specialize on getting them. 

Bringing it All Together

Bringing all of the above mentioned into a cohesive, achievable, actionable plan that delivers results is where I excel most. The personal experience I possess across nearly all marketing disciplines, coupled with team & executive leadership experience at all levels & in all kinds of businesses, affords me the unique ability to connect the dots & build marketing that moves the needle. 

-My Work-

My Approach

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My Experience

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My Marketing

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My Approach

Beginning in February 2023, I’ll be posting regular articles detailing my philosophy & approach to marketing. Thanks for reading and check back for more soon!


My “brands” include projects where I’ve personally led the development, or redevelopment, of a brand. I plan to include interesting case studies for these soon, but for now, click “View All” below for a general overview. 


Below are some of the promotional videos I’ve created, with help from my team, for various products and brands over the last few years. 

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Sites & Landing Pages

The sites I’m including here I have either developed myself or led the design and development process. I am NOT a developer by trade, but have created a front end system to efficiently developed custom websites to meet a wide variety of marketing and branding needs. 

Clicking each image will open a scrollable PDF, usually of the homepage. 

BespokeLabs.co - Custom Site Build
CustomCat.com - Site Build
Activewear.CustomCat.com - Product Promo LP
ImaginatePOD.com - Custom Single Page Site
printDIGISOFT.com - Custom Site Build
DIGISOFT.CustomCat.com - Tech Launch Promo Site
BustedTees.com - Site Rebuild & Platform Migration
Hoodies.CustomCat.com - Product Promo LP
Sample.CustomCat.com - Product Promo Ecom Store
SpiritShop - Custom LP
Coming Soon - Custom Site Build
Tees.CustomCat.com - Product Promo LP

Misc. Ads & Design

Below is a sampling of designs, ads, emails, and other work that was created to support the brands and campaigns I’ve been involved with.